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Curriculum addresses all developmental areas in a whole-child approach.

The Day School specializes in early childhood education.

Students learn special subjects from experts in those fields.

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Advent Ideas from Mrs. Manders

This is my favorite time of year to SLOW DOWN and connect with children through music and play – yours and mine. Yes, I said “slow down”. It’s even more important during this busy season for children to feel secure in their routines, and special because of the rituals you create with them in everyday moments. Allow me to share some ideas from music class and my own family that will not only strengthen brain and family connections, but also help the PK3 and PK4 kiddos learn the music for our Christmas worship service coming up on Dec. 19th at 11am!

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Fun in the Art Room!

We have studied lines (there are so many kinds!), color (warm vs. cool, primary and secondary, mixing), and shape.
Just like last year, our theme in the art room is “beautiful oops"! Beautiful Oops is a really fun and interactive book by Barney Saltzberg. The children and I love this book because it helps take any anxiety out of “messing up”.

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Gift of Reading

Some of my most treasured childhood memories revolve around books. That might be because my mother is the biggest book lover I know. She’s a retired school librarian and even in her retirement she works part time at a small, independent book store. One of my favorite memories was curling up in my parent’s bed while my mom read “The Hobbit” to my brother and me. I can still recall the immense feeling of pride of getting my own library card and being able to write my name on it by myself. 

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