Thank you so much for your interest in our school! We truly believe that it is our incredible teachers that make The Day School so special. We recognize that it is an honor and a privilege to play such a pivotal role in the life of a young child and their family. We consider ourselves lucky to get to spend "the magic years" with our students. These precious years are all about cultivating curiosity, a love for learning, and planting the seeds of faith. Each day, our staff strives to live out these core values in all we do:

  • We are a family in Christ
  • We are child-centered
  • We are lifelong learners
  • We are joyful

Open Position Opportunities


There is a sense of camaraderie and creativity that fills the hallways. We are a group of women who like to share, collaborate, and create a magical environment for our students.SPECIALS Teacher, 2 years at The Day School

It’s pretty rare to find a job that can support balancing both work and home and the Day School somehow magically does that.

PRE-K3 Teacher, 3 years at The Day School

I work at The Day School because it is run by people who truly care about their staff and their students. It’s a warm and loving environment, and I truly believe it is made up of HAPPY people!Explorers Teacher, 7 years at The Day School