What if I want to send my student home with a different family?

  • Log on to Silent Dismissal
  • Next to the students name, click the check under “OVR”
  • You’ll have the option to enter in a different families carpool number for a specified date.
  • On that specified date, your child’s name will be called with their friends carpool number.

When/how do I fill out my health screener?

Every morning you are required to fill out a short health screener for each child before dropping off at school. You can fill this out at home before you drive through carpool. You will log in to your Silent Dismissal account and at the top of the page you will see in big letters “Mandatory Survey”. Please fill this out every day before school. You are not able to do the Health Screener in the app at this time. You will need to log on to

How do I enter the carpool line?

Our carpool line runs east on University Blvd. Make sure you are entering from the very back of the line. If cars accidentally enter from the middle of the carpool line, it will throw off our numbering system.

What are the carpool times?

  • Beginners and Explorers:
    • Arrival – 8:10-8:20AM (this is protected carpool time for Beginners and Explorers. However, you may still enter the carpool line after 8:20.)
    • Departure – 11:30-11:45 (this is protected pickup time for Beginners and Explorers. However, you may still enter the carpool line after 11:45. *Note the 11:30 time is a change from previous communications.)
  • Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 Morning Classes:
    • Arrival – Begins at 8:20
    • Departure – Begins at 11:45
  • Pre-K4 Full Day and Kindergarten
    • Arrival – Begins at 8:20
    • Departure – Begins at 1:45

What if I have a Beginner AND a Pre-K4 student?

Feel free to drop off/pick up your older child along with your younger child.

What if I usually walk to school?

We now have Walking doors open on University and McFarlin. We have these available during drop off and also during pick up. If you choose to utilize one of these doors during pick up, please bring your carpool tag with you.

What if I am running late and miss morning carpool?

To make sure that our staff is back in their classrooms in time for school to start, all families who miss carpool can drop their student off at 9:15, at the McFarlin entrance. Admin staff will be there to greet you, screen your child, and walk them to their class.

What if my child has a doctors appointment in the middle of the day?

First, we would ask that you would try to avoid scheduling appointments that would require you to pick your child up 30 minutes before our carpool times. Please classroom teachers and our Office Coordinator, Desi Stringer ( to make them aware of the appointment. Once you pull in the Circle Drive, you may call the Day School office (214-525-6500) and we will bring your child to you.

Do I have to wear a mask in carpool?

Yes! All adults must wear a mask during carpool.

How will I be getting my Beginner or Explorer in and out of the car for carpool?

For arriving - After a staff member waves you through the Circle Drive and you are at your designated spot, please put your car into park and exit the car. You will get your child out of the car and they will have their temperatures read while you are holding them. Assuming that the temperature is under 100.0, you will hand your child to one of our loving staff members who will take them directly to their class.

For departing – when at your designated spot, we ask that you put your car into park, and then open your car door to be ready to receive your child(ren) from our staff.

How will I be getting my Pre-K3, Pre-K4, or Kindergartener out of the car for carpool?

For arriving - After a staff member waves you through the Circle Drive and you are at your designated spot, you can lean back and unbuckle your child or they can unbuckle themselves. A staff member will open the car door for them, take their temperature once they are out of the car, and escort them to the entrance. We have Day School staff stationed in the hallways to ensure that they find their classrooms.

For departing – our staff member will open the door for your children to hop in the car. As a reminder, Day School staff will not be responsible for buckling children into their car seats this year.

What if a babysitter or Grandparent is driving carpool?

You are welcome to share your carpool tag with your babysitter or Grandparent! If this is something that will happen more consistently, and you are in need of additional carpool tags, please contact You may also add an additional account onto Silent Dismissal so that the caregiver can fill out the Health Screener. Sign up using the same Reference Number and Student Code that you were given in your blue folder.

Do I need to turn on my hazards for carpool?

Yes, you do!

What time do I enter the carpool line?

If you have a Beginner or Explorer in your family, you may drop off all of your students at 8:10! Pre-K3, Pre-K4, and Kindergarten students may enter the carpool line starting at 8:20.

Will my child get their temperature taken in their car seat?

No! We have learned that taking a temperature while in the car seat would not yield an accurate result. We will be taking temperatures after students exit the car but before they enter the school building.

What if my child becomes upset leaving me during carpool?

Regardless of the drop off method, tears are very common during the first few weeks of school! Rest assured, our staff is prepared and equipped to comfort your children. Most children calm down very quickly after entering their classroom with their loving teachers and their new friends.

What if I have more questions about Silent Dismissal?

Please see the Silent Dismissal Parent Page which will give you a good overview of the system. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us!