What if I want to send my student home with a different family?

  • Log on to Silent Dismissal
  • Next to the students name, click the check under “OVR”
  • You’ll have the option to enter in a different families carpool number for a specified date.
  • On that specified date, your child’s name will be called with their friends carpool number.


Who is allowed to utilize carpool?

Carpool is reserved for our PreK3, PreK4, and Kindergarten students. Caregivers of Beginners and Explorers will drop off and pick up their students at the classroom.

Can I walk my student in?

  • Yes! Any student can be walked directly to their classroom. If you choose to do so, please enter through the Wight Garden entrance and make sure you are wearing your Raptor Badge.
  • In the morning the classroom doors will be opened and ready to receive children at 8:15. Do not try to drop off your child early as the teachers will be busy prepping for the school day!
  • If you are coming inside the building for pick up, please do so between 11:30 and 11:40, if your child's day ends at 11:45 and between 1:30 and 1:40, if your child's day ends at 1:45.

How do I enter the carpool line?


Our carpool line runs east on University Blvd. Make sure you are entering from the very back of the line. If cars accidentally enter from the middle of the carpool line, it will throw off our numbering system.

What are the carpool times?

  • Arriving carpool begins at 8:15 and promptly ends at 8:30.
  • Dismissal carpool begins at 11:45 or 1:45, depending on how long your child is at school.



What if I am running late and miss carpool?

Please walk your child INTO the school and do not leave them at the door. You CANNOT leave your child at the doors if there is no staff member to assist.


What if my child has a doctors appointment in the middle of the day?

No problem! You can call ahead and we will have your student ready for you to pick up inside the Day School office.

What if a babysitter or Grandparent is picking up?

  • CARPOOL - You are welcome to share your carpool tag with your babysitter or Grandparent! If this is something that will happen more consistently, and you are in need of additional carpool tags, please contact
  • WALK UP - If the caregiver is picking up in the classroom, they must be listed on your authorized release in Brightwheel. To make this a smooth process, please update your authorized release list in your Brightwheel account. This is not something staff can do.


Do I need to turn on my hazards for carpool?

Yes, you do!