Teacher Gift Fund

The Day School Parent Council has created a new and easy way to show your child’s teachers how much you appreciate them. This year, more than any other, our beloved teachers will be tasked with new responsibilities and we want to recognize, support, and thank them. You can contribute to a Teacher Gift Fund that will remain open until May 1st, 2023. Suggested minimum amount per child is $65. Contribute any amount that you see fit at any time that’s convenient for you. You may make as many contributions throughout the year as you’d like. When making your contribution(s), consider how many children you have at The Day School and how many teachers they see during the week.

In May, Parent Council will evenly divide the collected amount and distribute cash bonuses to every Day School teacher.

Parent Council loves our Day School teachers, so we have committed to raising at least $15,000 for the gift fund. Help us reach our goal and contribute today!