School News

All You Need is Love

If you have walked the halls of our school this week, you have been hit with a sea of pink, red and all things “love”! We asked some of precious students what they loved, and we got a wide range of answers- our kids love their parents, Paw Patrol, school, chocolate, their friends, parties, and cheese. Hearing their touching and funny responses made me think of one of my favorite videos from The Bible Project on the word “Agape”, or “Love”.

Power of Praise

  I want you to imagine a friend or coworker telling you “Good job!”. How does that make you feel? Now picture that same person telling you “I see how hard you have been working on that project and your hard work really paid off!”. How does that statement make you feel? Chances are the latter statement made you feel extremely proud and capable. The same is true for our children!

Gift of Reading

Some of my most treasured childhood memories revolve around books. That might be because my mother is the biggest book lover I know. She’s a retired school librarian and even in her retirement she works part time at a small, independent book store. One of my favorite memories was curling up in my parent’s bed while my mom read “The Hobbit” to my brother and me. I can still recall the immense feeling of pride of getting my own library card and being able to write my name on it by myself. 

Thank You For Showing Your Love!

The kindness and generosity of our Day School families never cease to amaze me, and this past North Texas Giving Day is no exception! In just 24 short hours, our incredible families and friends raised $51,061! We are blown away.

When I was a teacher at The Day School, a common topic of discussion at my parent-teacher conferences were “meltdowns”. Parents wanted to know how we handled meltdowns in the classroom and how these same strategies could be applied at home. For my first newsletter of the year, I would love to give you a brief overview of our philosophy of behavior management and some practical tips you can try at home.