A Peek Inside the Classroom: Process Art


As an early childhood educator and a mom, nothing makes me smile bigger than seeing a child walk out of our school at the end of the day covered in paint and materials. It is a sign of a day well spent! At The Day School, we incorporate art into our daily activities and lessons. Art in early childhood is much more than just bringing home something cute for the refrigerator… there is so much rich learning that takes place when children are creating art! Each little masterpiece a child brings home refined their fine motor skills, taught them cause and effect, enhanced their sensory development and introduced them to mathematical concepts like size, shape and spatial awareness. The Day School puts a big focus on the process of creating art, rather than the final product. The fun, creativity and learning takes place when our children have the opportunity to freely use the materials without a rigid expectation for what the end result should be. Seeing all of the unique artwork hanging up in the hall is like getting a little glimpse inside that child’s imagination!


Ashley Hickey