All You Need is Love

If you have walked the halls of our school this week, you have been hit with a sea of pink, red and all things “love”! We asked some of precious students what they loved, and we got a wide range of answers- our kids love their parents, Paw Patrol, school, chocolate, their friends, parties, and cheese. Hearing their touching and funny responses made me think of one of my favorite videos from The Bible Project on the word “Agape”, or “Love”. This video gives a perfect illustration of what a complex word love can be, and dives deep into how God sees love. The video explains that love is much more than a feeling, it is an action. It’s something we are actively choosing to do. I am lucky enough to see this type of love in action daily at The Day School. The loves just oozes out of every classroom. This kind of atmosphere doesn’t just happen by accident, it is a beautiful creation formed by parents, teachers and students who are making the choice to serve one another and go out of their way to brighten someone else’s day.  I would encourage all of you to watch this quick video and to be inspired to continue to make the choice to love fiercely.

With Love,

Ashley Hickey