Final School News!

Dear Families, 

This is my very last newsletter to send to you all! I want to thank you for the incredible amount of love and support you showed to me over my years here, and especially during my final month at the Day School. 

I have exciting news to present to get you ready for some fresh new looks this fall! 

A small army of movers came in yesterday to clear the way for the exciting renovations to come. Our building will be completely renovated over this summer and next summer. Here is what you can expect to see when you return in the fall:

  • The classrooms closest to Wight Garden (carpool area), those in the hallway where our old library was located, and the Day School offices will have brand new lighting, mill work, floors and paint. 
  • All classrooms will have brand new furniture designed by the high-quality, early childhood expert line, Community Playthings.
  • The Woods will be relocated and completely renovated. 
  • Wight Garden will have a fresh, new look and a new stairway leading to Hillier School (see image). 
  • Our library will be brand-new, and will be located in the new construction "connector" between the school and the church Sanctuary.
  • One exciting new playground will replace the one currently on University Blvd, and a second will ready mid-year, located on Slate Patio. We will still have access to our current two courtyard playgrounds.

Next summer, the second half of the building will be completed, a beautiful gymnasium will be added, and our remaining playground will be renovated.



 Another "new look" you'll begin to see is our updated, refined, and refreshed school logo. The school has been working with a branding expert for a year, who also partnered with the church in their recent brand update. We desired for the school to eliminate the acronym "HPPDS" as our shortened name, since verbally, most of us refer to our school as "The Day School." Therefore, we decided to formalize the name! We are now officially "The Day School at Highland Park Pres" and "The Day School" for short. 

I am so excited about our new icon, as it beautifully represents our school's mission and values. It fills me with joy when I see it, because I see our mission statement jumping out at me:

  • The Open Doors represent our commitment to partnering with families and welcoming them as a part of our school. 
  • The Open Book represents our commitment to educating the whole child and lifelong learning.
  • The Cross represents our commitment to providing a nurturing Christian environment and to becoming a family in Christ.

Re-branding is a process, and it doesn't take place over night. Therefore, the new look will be phased in over the course of a year. Red bags and uniforms will not change for this school year. You will see the new logo on new signage for our building, our newsletters and website, and perhaps on some free goodies you'll receive this fall! 

Thank you for EVERYTHING, Day School Families! I will see you around, because I'm still a mom of two Day School students, and I'll be lovingly supporting the school as a member of the Board of Directors. 


Sarah Good