Mother's Day

Dear Day School Families,

With Mother’s Day approaching (Dads- let this serve as your official reminder!) I want to take this opportunity to honor our amazing Day School moms who have enriched our school so deeply. 


Most years we help your child make you something for Mother’s Day,

It might be covered in handprints or made out of clay.

We usually ask them a lot of questions about you,

They often say you are 14, or maybe 72.

Moms were already used to balancing a lot,

You already give to others all that you’ve got.

This spring you are wearing yet another hat,

You are now a homeschool teacher… imagine that!

We know it’s not easy taking on this new role,

There might be some days that the stress has taken its toll.

But, we want you to know that you are doing a GREAT job,

Even if you sometimes hide in your closet to sob!

You make your kids feel safe, even when the news leaves you scared.

Your selfless love and devotion cannot be compared.

So, we hope you take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back,

And focus on just how much you do, and not on what you lack.

So, here’s to you, sweet Mamas! We want to say “Thank You”,

And give you all the love and recognition you are due!


Sending lots of love,

Ashley Hickey