Opening, Not Searching

Philosopher and poet Mark Nepo said "I'm no longer searching; just opening." 

As a school, we are not searching. We know we exist as a ministry to further God's Kingdom. We know our mission, our vision, our core values. We know our history, our tradition. While we are refining and refreshing and ultimately opening, we are not searching.

We are beginning to pack up in preparation for the beautification process that will refine and refresh the look and feel of our physical spaces. This process will allow us to open more fully to providing the best possible early childhood environment.

We are exploring our school's brand, as we seek to refresh and refine the look of our logo and the name of our school, while remaining true to our history and tradition. This process will allow us to open more fully to a welcoming and inviting name and look. 

We are dreaming about the future of the school and the gifts our next leader will bring as we refine and refresh the position description. This process will allow us to open more fully to our school's vision of transforming families to further God's Kingdom.

How easy it would be to become engulfed in frantically searching through all of this change - searching for answers and certainty. But this school knows who it is and whose it is. When I am tempted to begin searching, what an incredible comfort it is to know that God has his hand on everything and everyone here at our precious school. As I prepare to transition out of my role, I have confidence the Day School will continue to refresh and refine as it opens more fully to all it can become. 

With Love,

Sarah Good