Power of Praise

 I want you to imagine a friend or coworker telling you “Good job!”. How does that make you feel? Now picture that same person telling you “I see how hard you have been working on that project and your hard work really paid off!”. How does that statement make you feel? Chances are the latter statement made you feel extremely proud and capable. The same is true for our children! We all know praise is important, but how we use praise is key. In order to use praise most effectively, consider the following:

·       Praise the effort, not just the result. Instead of only telling our children how pretty their drawing is or how you are proud of them for kicking the winning goal, try highlighting the work and effort they put into it. This type of praise encourages children to work hard and persist at a task. It also encourages them to take risks and try new things since they know they will still be supported if they aren’t successful on their first try.

·       Be specific.  Telling a child “Thanks for being good at the playground” doesn’t pack the same punch as “ I am so proud of you for being so patient when you waited in that long line for the swings”. Specific praise let’s your child know exactly what behaviors you appreciated, and makes it much more likely that they will work hard to repeat that behavior.

In a rut for creative phrases to you when praising your child? Take a look at the following for new ideas:

·       “Way to keep trying! I like how you didn’t give up”.

·       “I believe in you”.

·       “You’ve got what it takes to do this”.

·       “It makes me smile when I see you doing that”.

·       “I love seeing you try new things”.

I’m going to practice what I preach and tell you, “I see how hard you are working on making The Day School the wonderful community that it is!”

Have a great weekend,

Ashley Hickey