Hi Parents,

I am so excited to be the STEAM teacher again this year for PreK4, kindergarten, and this year we’ve added PreK3! What is STEAM? Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. We are inquiring, investigating, problem-solving, predicting, observing, explaining, designing, constructing, innovating, modifying, creating, utilizing tools, calculating, graphing….and so much more!

All of these things combined make my lesson plan ideas pretty much endless. So far this school year, we have learned about different types of buildings, how germs are spread, learned about and played with earth worms, checked out the new construction, and performed some science experiments-to name a few! And we’re just getting started!

Our STEAM classroom is a hands-on classroom, meaning that I like to provide the students with different materials to peeks their curiosity, whether it be building materials, rocks, insects, science experiments, bones, bird nests, ocean life, microscopes, engaging STEM toys, extensive creation/art center, sewing table, our classroom class aquarium, and so much more! I love for them to ask questions, use critical thinking, and problem solve!

Thank you so much for sharing your children with me.

With Love,

Mrs. Dyer

STEAM Teacher