The Importance of Motor Development in Early Learners

It’s that time of the year that we have been preparing for in our Pre K-3, Pre K-4, and Kindergarten classes.  Whatever could that be you ask?  


May 27,2021

The activities that we do in Motor Lab and Physical Education class not only aides the students in age appropriate muscle development and coordination but also is important for continuing to improve brain development to enhance the learning process.

In an article written in Your Therapy Source titled “How Does Physical Development Affect Learning” explains research based brain-boosting benefits of physical activity through motor skill development and its positive effects on learning.  In this article it states that, “One of the greatest brain gains of exercise and motor skill development is the ability to improve actual brain function by helping nerve cells to multiply creating more connections for the learning process.”

In a world where so much emphasis has been put on technology, the need for physical development and activity has become even more important.  Many studies on the need for physical development and activity at an early age is not only important for health and motor growth but also cognitive growth and brain development as well.\

As the Motor Lab and Physical Education teacher for The Day School at Highland Park Presbyterian, I enjoy seeing and teaching all of my students. I am excited to be able to provide activities that enhance their development and growth not only in their motor development but in all areas that help them to be confident, successful and healthy.

I hope everyone has a fun and active summer!

Much Love and Blessings,

Mrs. Bankhead

Motor Lab and PE Teacher

The Day School at Highland Park Presbyterian