Fluency Isn't the Only Goal

Learning a Language is Never Wasted on your Children, Even if They Never Become Fluent

There are many benefits of kids learning languages, other than knowing how to speak them fluently. Learning another language helps children to realize that there is more out there other than what we know here.  It helps them to develop an appreciation for the world around them, and cultures other than their own.

Knowing other languages can also help your child be more adaptable in different environments. Hearing other people speaking in different languages won’t affect them in a negative way. Rather it will give them an opportunity to communicate with someone new and build new friendships and relationships.  Even with the basics of a language, your child can communicate with someone new.

Also, you can travel to a foreign country knowing the basics of a language.  You don’t need to be fluent in a language to travel, but it is nice to know a few words to get by.  To immerse yourself in the culture and to be able to understand what is going on around you makes the experience that much better.  

Learning something new is never wasted, no matter what it is.  Kids are naturally intrigued by new things and love to learn. Learning new languages helps children to stay open minded and shows them not to be afraid of the unknown.  

You can support your child’s language learning at home by teaching them what you know and repeating it often.  Also, read to them in another language even if you don’t feel like your accent is perfect. You can also play music or even TV shows in another language.  However you decide to support your child in their language learning, it will be time well spent.


Buena Suerte!

Connie Paniagua