Fun in the Art Room!

 Dear Families,

It has been so fun having your children in the art room this fall!  We have started off the year learning some of the FUNdamentals of Art!

We have studied lines (there are so many kinds!), color (warm vs. cool, primary and secondary, mixing), and shape.
Just like last year, our theme in the art room is “beautiful oops"! Beautiful Oops is a really fun and interactive book by Barney Saltzberg. The children and I love this book because it helps take any anxiety out of “messing up”. This frees the young artists to relax and just have fun creating their art and experimenting with the new and different skills and materials. As new artists, we will make lots of “mess-ups”. Most of the time our masterpieces don’t exactly turn out the way we planned and that’s ok! It’s a beautiful oops!

 As we move into the holiday season, we will create some wonderful seasonal projects focusing on Fall, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas! I’m really excited!

 I’m really enjoying teaching art to your children and seeing everything that they create! I will be sending their masterpieces home right before Christmas break.

Melanie Cummins.