Godly Play and “Wynne Chapel” at The Day School

Godly Play and “Wynne Chapel” at The Day School

“Bible Stories with songs and intentional play techniques that get kids worshipping God and knowing Jesus through movement and fun!”*

After reading the preceding statement and as the Day School Bible Teacher, I thought that will be my mission statement PLUS being sure THAT EVERY CHILD KNOWS: “JESUS LOVES ME THIS I KNOW, FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO !” 

What Is “Godly Play”?

Godly Play is “an imaginative method for presenting scripture stories to children in a presentation genre of sacred stories, parables and liturgical actions. Jerome W, Berryman founded the Godly Play curriculum as a primarily visual, oral and kinesthetic approach to religious education for children to experience God while learning about God.” (The Day School uses the New International Version of the Bible as the text for every lesson taught.)

During our Godly Play class, in addition to the Bible stories, we sing children’s praise and worship songs, learn Bible verses and have a “response activity” that allows the children various hands-on activities relating to and reinforcing that week’s Bible lesson. 

For example, this week after the children have learned that Jesus said, “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of people,” the “response activity” will be a fishing game for PreK3. PreK4 & K students have a choice of three “response activities”: play with the Godly Play story pieces; play the fishing game; and/or draw around their foot to illustrate “following Jesus.”

What is “Wynne Chapel”?

Wynne Chapel is a beautiful little chapel located within Highland Park Pres. Church. Monday and Thursday mornings at 8:45 a.m., PreK4 & K students gather…and beginning 2/6/2020 PreK3 will join for Chapel…to informally worship “corporately” in Wynne Chapel for 15 minutes. On Mondays, the Bible story is taught by either Charley Helmuth, HPPres’s. Minister of Families and Kids, or Mrs. Manders, Mrs. Martin-Johnson or Mrs. Bell.  On Thursdays, classroom teachers rotate teaching the Bible stories as their students participate in teaching and leading worship. Parents, relatives and special friends are invited to worship with us in Wynne Chapel!

Twice-yearly, the Day School families join in the HPPres. Sanctuary for a worship service, at Christmas and Easter, led by the PreK3, PreK4 & K students and a message from Pastor Hellmuth.

Themes and corresponding Bible Stories this year:

·      God Made Me—The Creation

·      God is With Me---Adam & Eve; Noah; Abraham & Sarah; Isaac; Jacob; Joseph; Moses 

·      God Loves Me—Hannah; Samuel; David

·      God Keeps Me Safe—Elisha; Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego; Daniel

·      Jesus is God’s Gift—The Christmas Story

·      Jesus Is God’ Son—12 yr.-old Jesus; Jesus’ Baptism; Jesus’ Chose Twelve Disciples 

·      Jesus Teaches Me—The Sermon on the Mount; The Lord’s Prayer;

                  Parables of: The Good Samaritan, The Lost Sheep; The Lost Son

·      Jesus Takes Care of Me—Jesus Calms a Storm; Jesus Feeds Thousands;

                                         Jesus Heals a Blind Beggar; Jesus Heals 10 Lepers;

·      Jesus Is My Friend—Zacchaeus

·      Jesus Loves Me— Mary’s Gift for Jesus; The Easter Story; 

                                      Jesus’ Appearances, Great Commission and Ascension 

·      I Can Help Jesus— Pentecost; Philip; Peter; Saul/Paul; Paul and Silas; 

·      Jesus Will Come Again 


Sheila Bell


*Quote from play-N-worship curriculum