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Learning a language is never wasted on your children, even if they never become fluent. There are many benefits of kids learning languages, other than knowing how to speak them fluently.

Read more to hear from our Spanish teacher, Senora Paniagua, to learn about the many benefits of exposure to foreign language. 

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Paper for Water

We are excited to partner with Paper for Water, a non-profit started by young sisters which aims to provide access to water to better lives, for our spring outreach project.

Not only will participating in this project help bring clean water to a village in Honduras, but will also provide the opportunity for your child to learn about the value of water. It is easy for our children to take this precious resource for granted, and this project may stir your child's heart, the way it did for the Paper for Water founders who began their company at the ages of 8 and 5. 

Read more to learn more about this special outreach opportunity from Lowry Manders, music teacher and outreach team member. 

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