Giving to The Day School's Partnership Campaign supports our school's development by helping to fund continuing education for faculty, research-based curriculum development, innovative technologies, and classroom upgrades. Your gift goes directly into the school's operating budget and supports all areas of The Day School.

Our highest priority for the Partnership Campaign is 100% parent participation.

Make your gift today, and partner with us!

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Giving Partners

Giving Levels

Educators $5,000+

Leaders $1,000+

Developers $500+

Nurturers $250+

Supporters $25-$250

2019-2020 Partners


The Flanigan Family

The Williams Family

The Hawn Foundation


The Bramhall Family

The Bussard Family

The Droege Family

The Mullen Family

Madison and James Strode

The Chambers Family


Carter and Michelle Hunt

The Roberts Family

Josie and Carl Sewell

Pat Simonson

Lindsay and Dan Barnes

Cam and Brandi Chalmers

The Hicks Family

The Redleaf Family


Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Taylor Allen

Brad and Lauren Cooper

Sarah Claire and Leo Corrigan

The Dale Family

The Hall Family

Caitlin and Thomas Laughlin

Mark and Helen Lewis

Liza and Brett Raynor

Ashley and Ryan Reid

Holly and Charlie Simpson

The Brighiu Family

The Wismer Family


The Cannon Family

Ansley and Will Craine

Brittny and Hunt Allred

Robyn and Kelley Gray

Luann Hicks

Robert and Luke Hill

Jen and Jed Melson

Nikhil Mittal and Family

Andrew and Kendell Mountain

Donna and Jeff Osborne

Leslie and Jim Pender

Robyn Rogers and Bob Rice

Abbey and Paul Rowsey

Mac and Mandi Schmitz

Melinda and Jamie Smith

Paul and Mallory Broaddus

Charlie Burton

Pete and Amanda Fehlman

The Frierson Family

Chelsea and Austin Hunt

Leeanne Hunt

David and Karen Konker

The Reyero Family

Becca Thompson

Troy and Angie Denton

Jonathan and Kelly Elifson

Martha and Dan Hooper

Kendrick and Aron Neckband

Holly and Nick Losey

The Preston Family

Taylor and Nicole Stark

Betsy Sturdivant

Anah Witter

Courtney Langley

Lauren and Preston Phillips

Abby and Peter Ruth

Kent and Martha Hofmeister

Stella Strode

The Lamb Family

Theeann Main

Martha Stark

Chris Wilson

Camden and Charlotte Sasser

The Havins Family


Where does my money go?

Your gift goes directly into the school's operating budget and supports all areas of The Day School. This allows The Day School to be flexible in responding to specific budgetary needs as they arise each year.

Will my gift make a difference?

Every gift counts - no matter the size. Last year, gifts of $500 or less totaled more than $10,000. That’s more than almost any single
gift made last year. Our collective impact ensures that The Day School will continue to provide an excellent early-childhood education in a nurturing Christian environment.

Why is participation so important?

Giving to our Partnership Campaign is a meaningful way of getting involved in our school's vibrant community. Every teacher and student
benefits from your generosity. Your gift is a vote of confidence in The Day School's mission and leadership.

What are the giving levels?

Educators $5,000+

Leaders $1,000+

Developers $500+

Nurturers $250+

Supporters $25-$250

All donors will receive recognition on The Day School website.

All donors who give at the Educator level will be invited to a Spring Reception with Executive Director, Ashley Hickey.

Will my gift be tax deductible?

Yes, all gifts are tax deductible at the amount given.

I have a question about giving. Who should I contact?

The Day School Accountant, Margie Sasser.