The Day School curriculum is structured in way that helps young children grow in each of the four main areas of development: social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language. We recognize that each area of development is an integral piece of early childhood growth and learning. Each grade level has specific objectives, or expectations, that are geared towards the developmental level of that age-group. However, there is a wide range of typical development during the early childhood years, so all teachers are equipped with the information and teaching strategies needed in order to provide intervention or enrichment for children along the developmental continuum. Everything you see occurring at The Day School is an intentional practice aimed at meeting the developmental needs of the children, whether it is children building a house out of blocks, meeting in a small group with a teacher, participating in unstructured play or curling up in a cozy place with a book. All areas of development overlap and affect one another, making it imperative a child receives support in each domain. Our developmentally appropriate practices are backed by evidence-based research and provide young children with the ideal environment to reach their full potential.

Educating the Whole Child