Teachers use thematic units that allow for integration of social studies across the curriculum. While focusing on various themes, students explore concepts about themselves, their community and their world. Students learn skills to maintain a healthy inter- and intra-personal lifestyle. Through the thematic units, students are encouraged to express themselves through various art mediums, learn the joy of reading as they discover diverse works of literature, and develop sophistication in the use of oral and written language as they engage in meaningful discussion and authentic writing.

Curriculum Resources

  • Superkids Reading Program: engages students by introducing a cast of characters who mirror the developmental stages and interests of kindergarteners. The program integrates instruction in phonics, phonemic awareness, spelling, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, fluency and letter formation.
  • Go Math: is a comprehensive mathematics program that builds on prior learning with an approach that provides deep, long-term mastery of the content and skills taught.

Classroom Experiences

  • Morning Circle Time: Children experience a sense of belonging, practice communication skills, and are introduced to new concepts and materials through strategies such as shared reading and writing, calendar math and group discussion
  • Closing Circle Time: Children reflect on day’s events and experience closure
  • Whole-Group Lessons: Some skills and concepts are taught to the whole group together, followed by the opportunity for independent practice while the teacher visits students at their tables
  • Read-Aloud: Children learn about each component of literacy as they listen to and discuss high-interest texts related to units of study
  • Learning Centers: Development is supported through hands-on exploration of important literacy and mathematics concepts while a teacher circulates to monitor and further learning
  • Small Groups: Teachers provide lessons to small groups that reinforce essential skills, and reteach or enrich as necessary
  • Snack and Lunch Time: Children practice self-care routines, help distribute materials and clean up, and enjoy time to socialize
  • Outdoor Play: All areas of development are supported as children explore and play on the playground
  • Specials


Kindergarten Specials

  • Reading Specialist
  • Spanish
  • Music
  • Art
  • STEAM Lab
  • P.E.
  • Bible
  • Chapel
  • Library