Teachers lead students in in-depth studies based on science and social studies topics that incorporate relevant and engaging experiences that support their growth in all developmental and academic areas. Each theme has 4 Big Ideas that help children understand the learning goals and connect what they are learning to their world.

  • Ready for School
  • My Family
  • Our Community
  • Awesome Animals
  • Imagine It, Make It
  • Growing Up Healthy
  • Nature All Around Us
  • Moving On

Curriculum Resources

  • Scholastic Big Day for PreK is a comprehensive program that embraces children’s natural curiosity and builds the foundation for success in school and life
  • Handwriting without Tears provides multi-sensory experiences to promote good pre-writing skills and beginning letter formation practice

Classroom Experiences

  • Morning Circle Time: Children experience a sense of belonging, practice communication skills, and are introduced to new concepts and materials
  • Closing Circle Time: Children reflect on day’s events and experience closure
  • Read-Aloud: Children learn about each component of literacy as they listen to and discuss high-interest texts related to units of study
  • Workshops: Development is supported through hands-on exploration of important concepts and skills that are extensions of the theme - Blocks, Dramatic Play, Art, Reading and Listening, Science and Math, and Writing
  • Small Groups: Teachers provide lessons to small groups that reinforce essential skills, and reteach or enrich as necessary
  • Snacks and Lunch Time: Children practice self-care routines, help distribute materials and clean up, and enjoy time to socialize
  • Outdoor Play: All areas of development are supported as children explore and play on the playground
  • Specials

PreK4 Specials

  • Reading Specialist
  • Spanish
  • Music
  • Art (full day classes only)
  • STEAM Lab
  • P.E.
  • Bible
  • Chapel
  • Library