Thematic Units

Themes are two to three week studies that allow children to explore and investigate high-interest topics and build conceptual understanding of the world around them.

Curriculum Resource

The Creative Curriculum is an award-winning, research-based program that supports a developmentally-appropriate approach to learning through exploration and discovery.

Classroom Experiences

Hellos and Goodbyes: Teachers help children manage separations and reunions with loved ones as children gain self-confidence and build trust

Group Time: Children experience a sense of belonging and are introduced to new concepts and materials through stories, fingerplays, songs etc.

Intentional Teaching: Teachers provide engaging and playful learning experiences that are based on learning objectives in either small groups or one on one.

Workshops: Development is supported through purposeful play - Blocks, Dramatic Play, Manipulatives/Games, Art, Library, Discovery, Sand and Water

Snack Time: Children practice self-care routines and enjoy a sense of community

Outdoor Play: All areas of development are supported as children explore and play on the playground.

Explorer Specials:

  • Music – Children learn to love music and support development in all areas as they sing, dance, and play instruments.
  • Motor Lab – Through specific movement activities, children improve large-muscle skills, balance and coordination.
  • Spanish – Students learn basic vocabulary and are exposed to the Spanish language when the Spanish teacher visits the classroom to sing, play and talk with the children.
  • Library – students are engaged in the joy of language through reading, singing, puppets and browsing books.
  • Bible – Bible stories and songs are introduced in the classroom by our Godly Play teacher.